Training 4 My Life

Hello, I am Nesha aka Training 4 My Life! I started my new lifestyle over 5 years ago and I am still working hard to hang in there. I have lost over 85 pounds and I have been able to KEEP it off with the help of my trainer Tiss & the Tissfit Crew! I want to explore the option of placing all of the crazy and silly phrases that I use on tanks and tees such as, DIE FAT DIIIEEEEEE!!! Bahahaha! I am starting with my logo tank/tee because if you are getting up and grinding daily for your life you are also TRAINING 4 YOUR LIFE! While I might use the name on IG, FB, etc we are all training for our lives so the logo was a great place to start! I also want to give you access to my ebook so that you can learn how I got started on this journey. Please be patient as I start to step outside of my comfort zone and work to provide you with fun tanks, quality information and soon meal plans and online coaching! Pray my strength in all of this because it will be needed. I know that this page it to tell you about me but if you are on this site I am sure you already know about me!!! :)