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21 Day Nutrition/Exercise Guide

*Please allow 1-2 hours for program to arrive via email*
*Note* If you have participated in a T4MLC you have already purchased a document very similar to this guide.*

I am excited to work with you on achieving your fitness goals. Anything that you do consistently for 21 days should become a habit so I want to make eating clean and exercising daily a lifestyle for you. This plan will NOT keep you in your comfort zone so don’t expect it to be comfortable at all! If you complete the plan without cheating you will get results. I know you will lose weight but I am concerned with training your mind to accept your new way of living so that after the challenge is over you will keep going. I am not a trainer but I have been trained by the best and I know what it takes to lose weight. Please stick to the plan no matter how hard it gets because the plan won’t work unless you do. The first week is a detox week using certain fruit and veggies. I expanded the list but excluded starchy veggies and sweet fruit. If it is not listed you will not be allowed to eat it. I gave a wide variety to help with those that are allergic to certain things. You will NOT have any sugar, salt or meat for the first week and the week goes on for 7 days. You need to complete this week without error so that your body can flush the bad out and be prepared for change. The second week consists of a low carb week and the exercise is taken up to the next level. The last week is a combination of detox/low carb. I will answer any questions via email while you complete the plan so don't hesitate to reach out to me.


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